Cleaning Before & During!

It’s so important that when you are getting ready to sell your house, that you purge, service, clean & maintain it!  The thought of this can be very overwhelming and daunting to a seller.  4 Sale Real Estate has some ideas for you.  Not only will this information help you sell your house faster, but with these tips, you won’t have to stress.  Following these tips and checking off a checklist gives a sense of accomplishment and relief that you have things handled.  You will feel confident and know that your house is worth every penny of your priced-to-sell listing!

Before putting your house on the Market:  A lot of times things just need a top to bottom, inside and out, cleaning and servicing.  Don’t assume you need to replace and update everything to perfection to sell.  That’s not true and sometimes you will do this and if it’s not the buyer’s taste or they want something specific, they will change it anyway and you will have wasted your money. Enhance, clean thoroughly, and service your home and appliances and you will see how this benefits your house appeal and inspection impressions.

Cleaning, Cleaning & more Cleaning…   With all the stress getting ready to sell, open houses and doing your best to get the most profit for your house, it can just seem like too much to maintain.  Using a cleaning service regularly while your house is on the market will pay off.  If money is tight, use a cleaning service or professional before open houses or bi-weekly/monthly.  This way you are getting that more thorough cleaning to help you out and maintain that look and appeal buyers are looking for.   And, a lot of times you can have a move-out cleaning service done as well so that buyer is receiving a cleaned home when all of your belongings are out.  A nice pay-it-forward gesture.

DIY Cleaning checklist if it’s just not in your budget for a service:

Declutter and make the house spotless

Woodwork should be hand-washed

Clean windows inside and out

Eliminate (not cover up) orders, there are sensitive sniffers out there

Scrub thoroughly tubs and showers

Wash floors and baseboards & maybe some touch ups to crisp-it-up

Deep down clean appliances inside and out


4 Sale Real Estate is here for you!  Please take a moment to check out our MEET OUR AGENTS tab and view the real estate agent’s pictures and bios to see who’s right for you.  Thank you for reading & we look forward to listing your house!

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