Why go to the Parade of Homes?

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Why go to the Parade of Homes?

  1. To get GREAT decorating ideas!  This is one of the major reasons most go to Parade of Homes and then wind up wanting the home they see, to build one similar and tweak it to their taste or to simply recreate what they see in their own homes.  Nonetheless, it is a great way to get ideas, see the current trends and to discover how many options you truly have out there in homes!
  2. To see the latest & the greatest in home building and interior design. Whether it be a new home you are looking to build or a remodel of your existing home, design can be overwhelming. Parade of Homes is an awesome way to shop for these professional services.  The home builders and interior designers showing off their work in the Parade of Homes can be discovered via their work in person.
  3. You want to go because you are in an existing home and want to build your custom Dream Home. This can be a very exciting time to look and compare builders during the Parade of Homes.  It is a great opportunity to see and learn as much as possible in person, compare and list the pros and cons of each.  Thus, you can make an informed and educated decision based on what you have seen and learned for yourself.
  4. Sometimes it’s to check out the model homes and simply buy it if you Love it! During the Parade of Homes is a great time to check out builders as they will have so many styles, locations and models to choose from.  Builders and designers show off their homes and skills for your benefit!
  5. To compare builders, get educated on pricing and view the quality the builders and designers. Parade of Homes is a wonderful time to set aside and really get out there to see what your options are, the technology updates, who’s is doing what, and the style of the builders.  Comparing is a good way to find out what you like and don’t like and come to a decision on the builder that is a fit for you on style, quality and price.
  6. For Realtors, it’s to find a home or builder for a client, friend or family member. Parade of Homes gives Realtors an opportunity to show off the market, the options and to get their clients thinking about what is out there for new construction and/or existing home options.  The client’s decision is based on what they have seen and desire thus far, a win win!

With the above said, a Realtor is key to sort through the information and tough questions you may have on the spot.  Please check out our MEET THE AGENTS Tab and reach out!

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