HELP! Why is my home not selling? PART 2


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  1. Price your home to sell, not at what you want to get for it! Does that sound confusing?  Let us explain.  When you price your home at the most you can get for it per an appraisal or a CMA from your realtor, people usually come in with a lower offer or try to counter offer you down on your price.  If you price your home to sell, a price that would be acceptable to you but is a great deal for the prospective buyers, then there is a better chance you will get multiple offers that may start a bidding war, driving the price up.  This may get you beyond what you thought you could get for the house.  There is a current shortage on existing houses for sale out there, so if buyers see a new house on the market and it’s priced to sell, chances are you will get what you wanted for your house in the first place and then some.
  2. Wording is everything when it comes to an ad, advertising, or a listing. If a written description is poorly worded and/or without pictures, this is usually a big turn off for buyers looking seriously for a house.  Many people go, “NEXT!” and press the arrow > button to see a house that has pictures and described benefits that entice and excite them.   With 4 Sale Real Estate agents, we will most definitely put forth the effort in creating a listing that attracts the attention of buyers and making sure there are high quality photographs of both the interior and exterior of your house.  We want to highlight unique features so don’t forget to show us when we list your home!
  3. Staged and Improved, that is the answer! You want to make sure your home is decluttered but not so empty that the buyer cannot envision the possibilities of what they could do with the spaces and their furnishings in the house.  Good staging gives ideas and allows the buyer to get excited and literally dream about your house.  Good staging plants a seed for them to remember your house as one that stood out to them.  Being decluttered and well-staged, says “BUY ME TODAY!” and gives a sense of urgency to do so.
  4. Having a real estate agent to be on top of the current trends and changes in the housing market is a great way to price and list your house correctly, so please make sure to check out our MEET OUR AGENTS TAB.  Having a GREAT agent will ensure you are taken care of and positioned well in this ever-changing housing and real estate market.

2 thoughts on “HELP! Why is my home not selling? PART 2

  1. All of the points are correct to what have some problem occurred in not selling a home. Very well option to sell a home as real estate agent. They can manage & promote a very well our property to the customer and sell a home within a month.

    1. Thank you for your comment Rivaria! Stay tuned with our Blog for great information throughout the coming months. Feel free to look through other Blogs and let us know if we can help.

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