Home To-Do’s before Winter hits

  1. Gradually condition your home to cooler temps to avoid high heat bills. It’s a little bit of a process for some of us, but not all, to acclimate your body to living comfortably cooler in the fall/winter months by changing your warming pattern or what warm means to you.  You can help your body adjust to it being cooler by decreasing a degree each week and wear warmer clothing while in the house during the fall/pre-winter weeks until your body is used to a cooler (new normal) temperature.  So, when fall hits, you are not cranking the heat and raising your monthly costs.  Another awesome and efficient tip is to keep the heat in by wrapping your windows or doing window kits and keeping your blinds or curtains open during the day for that natural free heat.
  2. Take steps to avoid pipes freezing. This is the last thing you want during the winter.  There are many tips online to how to properly execute this process in your home, however, some key starters are to have your sprinkler systems blown out on time, insulate water lines, drain the air conditioner pipes, shut off water valves to outside spikets and drain hoses and store them to prevent cracking.
  3. Kick those pests to the curb! When temps start to decline, pests start to run for cover and find shelter around and in your home.  You don’t want an invasion of the home snatchers so, when it comes to rodents, spiders, cockroaches and other pests of the like, it’s important to take preventative measures to keep them out!  Some handy tips are faucet covers, vent screens, firewood at least 20 feet from the perimeter of the home, seal cracks and holes on the outside of your home, check where utilities and pipes enter the home and seal, keep storage areas well organized and boxes off the floor, and eliminate all moisture sites.  FYI a mouse can fit through a hole the size of a dime.  Most of these pests listed are known to spread diseases, bring other dangerous pests such as ticks and fleas into the home and trigger asthma and allergies.  No Thanks.
  4. Be fully stocked on outdoor hardware. You don’t want to be stuck or caught without the essentials if a winter storm hits so make sure you have shovels, a snow blower, sidewalk salt, and other winter clean up items.  You want you and everyone who comes on your property to feel safe. You don’t want to do a last-minute run to the hardware store because that’s what everyone else will be doing and they will be low on stock of those items.  It will also be more expensive with supply and demand pricing and who want’s that?
  5. Vents, Chimneys and Carbon Monoxide, “oh my!” Make sure to inspect chimney’s and vents to make sure they are free of any obstructions. Clear leaves, vines, prune shrubs and plants to make sure they do not block vents.  You do not want any of the exhaust vents etc. blocked at all because this can cause carbon monoxide to back up into the home as well as trigger heating system shut-off or malfunction.
  6. Before it gets too cold… Very import to replace shingles and clean gutters out to avoid any devastating leaks or backups.  You don’t want moisture and snow to work its way back inside your home with ice dams, leaking in via the roof or be so backed up that the weight of collected snow causes strain on the structure and consequently, expensive damage.


So with that said…


Happy Winter Prepping!

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  1. If you have a sliding patio door, make sure the glass is double or triple pane. Also, you shouldn’t feel any drafts coming from the door otherwise it’s going to be a very long winter

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