Homeowner’s Summer Maintenance Checklist Part 1

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Living in the Midwest, summertime is the best time to take care of some of that homeowner’s maintenance checklist.  This can be from spiffing up your home, handling annual checkups to projects that need to be completed before the weather changes.  Let’s begin…


  1. Exterior painting, whether it be the front door, garage door trim, window trim, deck posts and/or railings, you will want this done before the snow flies. Not only does it give your home front a facelift, it will give the corners of your mouth a lift too with a smile of satisfaction.
  2. Summer is the best time to wash your windows and shine them inside and out. If you have one, you may pressure wash all the dirt from the surfaces and then shine the glass with some weather resistant glass cleaner to maintain that crystal-clear window view.
  3. While you have the screens off, repair or clean them to make this an all-in-one job completed. There are many types of screen options, grey, black, pet safe, aluminum, vinyl and so on should you decide to replace them.
  4. Homeowner’s might not remember this one, change the direction of your ceiling fan per the season for optimal heating and cooling efficiency. Counter-clockwise in the summer for that cool breeze and clockwise in the winter to push your heat around and keep your windows dry and defrosted.
  5. Clean your Air Conditioner filter or clean out your Central Air Unit. This also goes for changing your Furnace Filter to keep the air flowing and the dust/allergens under control.
  6. Leave your washer door open when not in use to keep it dry and avoid soil build up. Wipe seals with a clean cloth with bleach and warm water solution.
  7. Make sure to check, clean, repair and seal if needed, the driveway, walkways and patios/decks. Once the snow flies, you will have to wait until spring of the following year.


Getting these items done will give you peace of mind and a sense of pride when your home is looking amazing and functioning correctly.  Stay tuned for Part 2 soon to be posted.


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