Making Small Spaces feel and look LARGER!

  1. Hang shelves and drapery rods closer to the ceiling to draw the eye upward and for the room to feel taller and larger.
  2. Choose a focal piece of furniture that fills the room such as a large sofa. This will declutter the space versus having several smaller pieces, which can make the room feel crowed.
  3. If you have shelves in the space, color-coding is a great idea. This will give the space a sense of organization and the room will feel more streamlined.
  4. Get rid of overhead lights. Here’s why:  top-down lighting can seem harsh and light one area of the space.  When you have lamps spread out it will automatically draw your eye around the room giving you a sense of space.
  5. Use rugs to break-up a room into smaller spaces, thus creating an illusion of the room being larger and multi-functional.
  6. Monochromatic color pallets give a room or a space and a sense of unity and allows the room to be more open to have a flow.
  7. Show of your legs! What?!  Here’s what I mean. Instead of a sofa with a skirt or big boxy chairs, bigger pieces with exposed legs are going to give the appearance of more open floor space.
  8. Look up! A great way to make the room feel taller is to paint or wallpaper the ceiling as it draws the eye upward.  For example: when you are in a room or restaurant with the faux copper ceiling tiles, you can’t help but to look up and admire it!
  9. Light colors on the wall or flooring will assist the room in reflecting light throughout the space and make it feel airy to all those that are enjoying the space.
  10. It’s got to be bigger than a melon? Huh? Per Target, “Decorative items smaller than a cantaloupe crowd a room” So the solution would be to go less decorations and larger sized items.  This would also apply to art on the walls, large and bold are better.
  11. Curtains open or uncovered windows make a room brighter and give the room depth and it may feel less crowded.
  12. Glass or Lucite items will give the sense of openness and space in the room. The floor space and room will automatically feel larger as the furniture that is see through will seem invisible but there. Great space illusion to the eye.  This is the same effect that mirrors, placed just right, will have on a room, more space.
  13. A striped rug can make the room appear larger and longer just like stripes in clothes vertically make a person appear taller.
  14. Don’t have furniture pushed up to the wall. The rule of thumb in design would be to have about 4-6 inches between your wall and the furniture item, sofa tables behind the sofa and diagonal placement can all aid in the room feeling spacious.




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