Never Skip the FINAL Walk-Through!


A lot of people think the Final Walk-Through is a chance to renegotiate and this could not be further from the case.  Final Walk-Through’s are not the Home Inspection and not a contingency of sale.  The reason and purpose of the Final Walk-Through is to make sure that the property and home are in the condition you purchased it in and to make sure that any repairs or updates agreed upon are completed.  You want to also check that nothing has gone wrong since you’ve seen the home last.

Final Walk-Through’s are for your benefit and never a good idea to skip because you are pressed for time or excited to just get it over with.  This is one of the biggest purchases you will make in your lifetime.   Zeal without wisdom and caution can cause you regret later and cost you a lot of money.

When the seller has already moved out:  Sellers, often more than not, move out before closing.  This makes it even more important to conduct the Final Walk-Through.  “Why?”, you ask.  The reason being is that problems can surface when the home sits vacant for any length of time.  This is when all the tests and possible inspections are being done and things can be left on or damaged by accident.  Some items get shut off that shouldn’t be and can be ruined or/and without normal constant use get clogged or frozen up when started up again.

It’s very important to pay attention:  Your agent is not there to do the Final Walk-Through for you.  They are there to assist or guide you with their wealth of wisdom and experience.  You will have lots of time, if all goes well, to talk about décor, window treatments and furniture placement.  So, ask questions, pay attention, take notes and be thorough for your benefit.

4 Sale Real Estate cares about you, so, below is a list of items to check during your Final Walk-Through:

  • Turn on and off EVERY light fixture
  • Check Garage Door openers
  • Run water & check under sinks for leaks
  • Test ALL appliances
  • Open and close ALL doors
  • Inspect ceilings, walls and floors
  • Check garbage disposal and exhaust fans
  • Flush toilets
  • Test heating and air conditioning
  • Open and close ALL windows
  • Make sure all debris is removed from the home

WARNING:  Sometimes sellers don’t move out until the day of closing or up to 72 hours after because their new place may not be ready yet, they are trying to avoid a double move or avoid paying for storage for as little time as possible.  It is recommended, in this scenario, to do the Final Walk-Through in the presence of the former owners as you can say hi and glean good information about your new house from them.

First things first, get your 4 Sale Real Estate agent from the MEET OUR AGENTS tab on site.  We will be sure to take Great care of you!  Thanks for reading and come back soon for more valuable information in home buying and selling.



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