New Years and Selling your Home

With New Year’s resolutions and another year gone by, if your house is on the market, selling is your priority.  After the busyness of the holidays, it’s time to reflect and look at how you are “selling” your house at this slower time of year. 4 Sale Real Estate is here to help!  We know January is not the peak selling month for real estate, however, your house is not doomed. Homes DO sell in January.  Here are some important tips for you from 4 Sale Real Estate!


Tip #1:  Show color and let in light.  The winter months are gloomy enough and to draw people inside, give them a glimpse.  What will make them want to explore and see more?  Try seasonal colors and potted winter plants/shrubs to avoid your yard and front step from being bare.  As much natural light as possible is inviting, airy, and gives the concept of open, clean and crispness of the home.  Also, this can impress during these dreary days of the winter months.

Tip #2:  Be flexible.  If you are selling during this time of the year, flexibility and pricing to sell is a must as it is an already expensive season.  There are buyers out looking and the ones that are looking are serious about buying a new home.  Buyers will search for the best value and price.  Pricing is key so that your home is the best option out there, comparatively speaking. (most bang for the buck in the same feature demographic)  Your 4 Sale Real Estate agent will help you price your home to get the most return for you.  Why pay more payments on your house if you don’t have to do so, sell it now!  Also if you are looking for a new home to replace your home you are going to see the benefit of looking now for a home now instead of waiting.

Tip #3:  Receive Advice from a professional.  Your 4 Sale Real Estate agent has ways to get the word out to many more potential buyers on a much larger scale than the average person.  Trusting your agent’s experience, resources and cooperating with them is key to having a positive selling experience.  Your agent will offer you plenty of helpful tips. Please tell all your friends and family and ask them to spread the word!

Tip #4:  PPU (aka please pick up) Make sure toys and laundry are packed or put away, no clutter, depersonalize and stage with clarity, neutrality and sparkle.  No piles!  Organize, pack, label and put in a storage pod, closets, under the stairs or in the garage, if you are able.  Give the potential buyers as much ideal space and with simple décor, so they can imagine their Dream Home!

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