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Pets are surely a part of our family and we want to make sure our home and their environment are safe and functional for them too!   This is much like baby proofing a home as pets can be very inquisitive by nature and get into things that can harm them.   Because we love our pet children, let’s go through our home by areas that are in need some pet proofing with the top tips and reminders.


  • Keep cleaning supplies, medication and soaps on higher shelves
  • Keep all food items out of reach as some can be dangerous for pets to ingest and also packaging of the food these days can choke your pet
  • Secure and block small spaces behind appliances and holes in cabinets or floor drains they can get into
  • Consider childproof latches as your pet can be very clever when they think they want something
  • Check dryers before starting a load as pets slip into them for a warm place to sleep
  • Keep the toilet lid down so your pet doesn’t drink any chemicals in the water from cleaning
  • Keep trash securely covered to keep pets out of your garbage


  • Move plants out of reach, or even better, outside if you can for the time being to avoid possible poisoning or sickness
  • Put away kids’ games and toys that contain small pieces to avoid your pet from choking when they are curious and try to eat them
  • Make sure all air or heating vents have proper covers and are secure
  • Put away or zip-tie up all dangling wires from TVs, lamps, gaming systems, DVD players, cable boxes and other electronic devices
  • Put away breakables so you don’t have to get mad unnecessarily at your pet for knocking them over until they know your home


  • Shut doors or put up gates to the rooms you don’t want them to have access to or simply gate them into an approved area
  • Keep lotions, medicines and cosmetics from your bedside table or beauty station, out of reach (some of these smell so good, they want to get at them and they “think” they want to eat what’s inside). These could make them very sick.
  • Keep electrical wires out of site to avoid your pet from accessing or chewing on them
  • Keep shoes and laundry out of reach of pets, as strings, buttons and elastic can choke or cause serious issues and/or death if ingested and get stuck
  • Make sure you check closets or drawers before you shut them as pets can think these are cozy sleeping spots


  • If your pet is residing in the garage for any period of time, it can be a very dangerous place for a pet, more so than in the home. Please clean the floor to ensure chemicals like antifreeze, oil, or even salt residue can cause sickness or even death of your pet
  • Move any of your garage chemicals or gas/oil to higher shelves or in a closet space
  • Keep sharp tools and tools with cords/wires out of reach or where a pet cannot access them
  • Make sure your yard or garden have plants safe for your pets or restrict access somehow, small fence, chicken wire, etc.
  • Check your fence for any holes or areas where your pet can squeeze through and patch them or consider an area in the yard for them (safe zone)



See you next week on for more great tips and information for homeowners!


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