Selling Your House During The Holiday Season…Part 1

4 Sale Real Estate has helpful House Selling tips for you during the busy holiday and shopping season.  Have no fear, of course, we are here for YOU!

  1. During this time of year, the most crucial thing would be to obtain a reliable and dedicated real estate agent that will be there for you. Especially during the holiday season, when you get that one buyer, that is meant to see your home. You can find a great agent on the “MEET OUR AGENTS” tab of site.  Having one of our fantastic agents will ease the stress of selling and give you more time to enjoy the season’s festivities.
  2. Finding the right buyers to view your home is key! You might feel like you made a mistake deciding to sell your home during the holidays, however, you will get more motivated buyers coming through vs looky-loos just passing through.  Most buyers that look this time of year have deadlines because of a job change, tax deadlines, college students or a military transfer.  So, most will be serious leads.  Your agent can target these buyers for you.
  3. Very important these days, as trends and tactics have really changed on the selling of your house. People really need to remember to price to sell.  This will insure buyers being more motivated and excited to give you an offer that works for both of you.  Also, you may possibly get more than your asking price due to the scarcity of homes on the market this time of year.  Your home may be exactly what that buyer needs and they won’t want another offer to outbid them.  Not wanting to lose their future Dream Home tends to make a buyer fairer or even generous in some cases depending on the situation.  Having your price on point puts odds in your favor!
  4. To decorate or not to decorate, that is the question. Decorating during the holiday season is common, however, you will get buyers coming through from various backgrounds and beliefs.  With that said, it’s a good idea to decorate with general fall or winter themes vs religious.  You don’t want to turn any potential buyer off.  Another thing to remember is you are not decorating for a department store so, be careful to not go overboard and overwhelm the beauty of the house you are trying to sell.
  5. During the Autumn and Winter months, curb appeal could never be MORE important. Here’s why… When Autumn comes and the leaves are off the trees and it’s a little gloomier and a lot barer.  In order to keep that inviting curb appeal, getting your house touched up and in tip top shape is vital to attracting buyers.  Then Winter rolls around and the buyer’s safety is really important too.  Do your best to keep walk ways clear of slippery leaves, snow and ice.
  6. Speaking of ice and snow, give your buyers a warm and toasty reason to see your house. Since they are coming in the cold to see your house, make their viewing worth it.  Turn up the heat a little bit, have relaxing classical music on and have holiday treats available if you are able to do so.  The longer they enjoy and look at your house, the higher potential for them to write that offer because they just fell in love with your house.
  7. Obvious, however, a marketing must still worth mentioning! It’s so important any time of the year to take great, clear pictures and have a video tour of your home created.  During the Holiday Season it can be vital to the sale of your house.  Most buyers, due to the weather outside, are going to start house hunting from the privacy and convenience of their own homes.  So, having premium photos and lots of them, plus video is going to give you the edge vs two pictures and no video. You can have this posted on the web and shared on your social media along with your agent’s pages, etc.  The more accessible your house is visually, the better!
  8. Never fret! The Holidays are already stressful enough.  So, if your house doesn’t sell during this season, concentrate on what matters, your family and friends.  There is always spring right around the corner!

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