Selling Your House During The Holidays Part 2


You can never get enough helpful tips for selling your home and so we offer more great information on selling your house during the Holidays to make you more successful in partnering with your 4 Sale Real Estate agent!  The more you can do from these valuable tips, the less stress there will be on you during this festive time of the year.  So, not only do you sell your house faster, you also will enjoy the Holidays along with everyone else!

  1. One of the first tips and the most obvious is, to get your home ready in advance. If you plan to sell your home during the Holidays, then the sooner you can get your home ready, the better for you.  Before the end of the summer even, have a good start on and be finishing up your list of To-Do’s.  This would include and not be limited to:  decluttering, removing personal/religious items and cleaning from top to bottom.  The more airy, spacious and like-a-model your home looks, the better your chances are to succeed in this venture of selling your house.
  2. You can even make this step one easier for yourself by hiring a cleaning professional. Spend that little bit of extra money, during this already hectic season, can really benefit you by saving time and energy.  You will truly enjoy the Holidays knowing you are on top of your game without killing yourself trying to entertain during the Holidays and then cleaning on top of that again and again.
  3. This might be a little hard, however, during the work week is harder. Try to keep the weekends open for showings as buyers may have less time to do a daytime visit and want to see it in daylight.  Be prepared to open your home and determined to sell your home quick and for the most money.
  4. However, DO NOT schedule showings when you have guests. This is not fun for anyone, your guests, you or the potential buyer.  Please keep your agent in-the-know of your off-limits days.
  5. Get your Christmas shopping done early. This time of year, can be stressful already and you don’t want to be doing this at the last minute while trying to do your final preparations for your showings and/or open house(s).  You want to be done with your Holiday errands long before the traffic, long lines and last-minute Holiday panic sets in.
  6. Don’t worry about the number of showings. There are obviously less lookers this time of year, however, you are getting serious lookers!  This is one of those times when it’s more important to have quality showings vs quantity of showings.
  7. With all of this said in closing, don’t worry if you don’t sell during the Holidays. It doesn’t mean there is something wrong with your house, it just means you will have another opportunity in the Spring.

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