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PACK IT UP!  If you are able, do the packing yourself.  This can drastically reduce the moving company’s cost to you as that is a major part of the job.  Packing yourself also gives you peace of mind knowing what is in what box and that your belongings have been packed safely for your next place.

ADVANCE BOOKING!  It pays to call, ask and be ahead of the game.  Calling the moving company and asking when is the best time to book ahead for your particular moving date can avoid last-minute booking fees, sad but true.  Some movers may also lower their price if you are flexible on what days/times they can move you.  Schedule ahead!

WHEEL & DEAL!  You have not if you ask not.  It never hurts to ask and negotiate.  Moving is a competitive business and they want you to choose them from the many options out there.  Ask them to match or beat the price of your other quotes so the moving company has incentive to fight for your business.  Maybe it’s a discount, maybe they add in a free service to your moving package, etc.

DON’T GET JIPPED!  No one lines up to be scammed or taken advantage of, especially during this time in your life.  Moving in itself is hard enough.  Learning to save money doesn’t come without some hiccups, so here you go.  If you hire a company based on low pricing you could lose money and property, so make sure they are reputable.  See the below tips.

  • Make sure the company is licensed and insured
  • If the price quoted is too good to be true, it probably is!
  • Have them do an in-home estimate to get a feel for their professionalism and to get an accurate quote guarantee
  • Ask for referrals from friends & family, look at online reviews & ratings

APPLES TO APPLES?  Once you have your companies that are on the up & up, compare the quotes that you have.  The price differences probably have a lot to do with the services they are including.  If the quote is not itemized, request it and you can remove what you don’t need.  Again, ask to drop the price for unwanted services.

IF YOU DON’T KNOW, YOU CAN’T SAVE Movers often charge more for large or specialty items, so do those with friends and family… like a four-wheeler or a jet ski.  Don’t pay extra!  If you have appliances at your new place and you need to remove yours from the old location, rather than paying to move them into storage, sell them to avoid extra costs and spend those dollars on your relocation.

DOWN, DOWN, DOWN…  Some movers charge by time and materials it will take to move you and some charge a flat fee.  Nonetheless, you may get a better deal and some savings if you reduce the number of items to move.  Make a trip to a donation center and get rid of items that you don’t absolutely need.  Move personal items such as clothes, bedding and dishes in your personal vehicle.  Every little bit can help!

Before hiring a moving company, you need to buy or sell your home. 4 Sale Real Estate is here to assist you with both.  Please visit our MEET THE AGENTS Tab & contact us to make relocation easier!


  1. Moving possessions is really a very strenuous task. And the woe multiplies if you have large number of heavy furniture and fragile items such as glassware and rare paint work. Having a large number of items to be moved, taking help from a moving company is definitely a good option. But, the movers will try to up-sell and cross-sell you their services no matter how much reliable a company. They will never tell you a short cut way to do a thing if you don’t know. They want more business from a single customer. So it is the best idea to know in how many ways you can reduce the total cost as much as possible. Anyways, thanks for your cool ideas.

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