Tips to Minimize Stress when Selling your house

  1. Declutter!  This will make you feel better, able to breathe and let’s the buyer see your house, not your “stuff”. The less you have to clean and put away and the more the potential buyers can envision themselves living there, the better.  You don’t want it empty, however, mimic model homes with no clutter or personal items displayed.
  2. Keeping your house at 80% at all times! You have to be ready to leave in a pinch as showings will be random and you don’t want to miss an opportunity for your house to be purchased due to lack of up-keep and cleaning. Examples would be:  keep dishes washed, laundry done and put away, bathrooms clean, house vacuumed/dusted regularly and beds made.
  3. Make plans to be gone on weekends! Yes, we said go out, be gone and get out of the house to enjoy friends and family, travel/explore or do an all-day activity.  Why you ask?  The first two weekends that your house is on the market are the most critical and will get the most influx of showings or visits.  While your house is fresh on the market and clean, your buyer could be walking through.
  4. Flexibility is really important and I don’t mean just for yoga! Don’t be rushed and overly anxious to sell.  It could take a day, a few weeks, months or even a year.  However, the trends of the market are not in your control, so it’s important to be flexible and patient with yourselves.  The right buyer is out there, so, take a deep breath.
  5. Stay healthy while on the market. Some great ways to keep stress at bay with your health would be:  socialize with friends and family, exercise daily to release stress, drink water, eat good foods, get good sleep and stay away from unhealthy habits.
  6. Last but not least, if possible, move out before listing your house. You will experience less stress on a day-to-day basis not having to clean up.  Clean weekly and because you are not there, it will be show ready all the time.  Also, the house being staged and without people living there, this could speed up the sale of your home as well while also relieving even more stress.  Not everyone can do this, however, if you can, it’s recommended.

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