Tips to Spring Clean FASTER!

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  1. DO WHAT IT TAKES!  Make doormats welcoming by cleaning them as they are what helps you keep your house clean from the entry of your home.  Shake them, wash them and even swat them with a broom the old fashion way.  Keep them clean to do some of the work for you to keep the dirt outside where it belongs!
  2. FINISH IT! To protect your floors from wear and tear, give your floors a makeover by waxing and applying a sealer based on your floors finish.  EASY BUTTON:  wash-and-wax floor cleaners work wonders.  Not all floors need the polishing treatment.  The occasional refresher of buff and protect not only makes your floors shine but also helps them to last longer.
  3. SCRUBBA-DUB DUB! Sometimes you don’t know it’s dirty until you wash something and see the difference.  One thing that will make you feel better when it’s done and your home look better, is to give your walls, base boards and trim a bath.  Simply use a sponge and dishwashing detergent to wash in sections.  Use two buckets, one for detergent and the other for wringing your sponge and dry with a clean cloth. Your space will look and smell amazing!
  4. CLEAN YOUR FEET AND YOUR SEAT! Not those, I am talking about your furniture and floors.  Fabrics absorb a whole winter’s worth of soil, oils and germs.  No one wants that.  When you shampoo carpets with a rented cleaner, try in a less noticed area for fading or discoloring first.  If all is well, move furniture slightly, clean and then place the legs of the furniture on wax paper squares to protect your furniture from getting wet.  Open windows if you can to speed the drying process or simply use a professional service and have it done for you, your choice.
  5. UP, UP & AWAY! Don’t forget to look up and clean your ceiling fans, light fixtures, and ceiling vents.  There is nothing more embarrassing than cobwebs and dust when company looks up.   Also, this helps with allergies, breathing and just plain making things shine and sparkle.
  6. CLEANSE THEM COILS! Not only are refrigerators expensive, they can also breakdown and become a hazard if you don’t clean them.  We always look at the inside and wipe it out periodically because we see it more and that’s where our food is.  We don’t think about under the refrigerator or behind it where the coils and venting are.  We need to make sure we clean the under and behind to avoid dust build up that can shut down and overheat the unit.  You will be surprised at what you find under there.
  7. SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP! Don’t be too hard on your body and vacuum smart.  You don’t have to drag every piece of furniture out of the room to vacuum every nook and cranny.  You may move the bigger items out or over to vacuum the area and then move it back and move onto the next section until the room is complete.  Then step back and enjoy the fruits of your labor with that clean, fresh, vacuumed look without hurting yourself to do it!


The above Spring Cleaning Tips are also all great tips for when you are getting ready to sell your home, however, first you need a Realtor!  Please visit our MEET THE AGENTS TAB and check out our 4 SALE REAL ESTATE agents that can get you listed and sell fast!

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