Ways to Stage during the Holidays

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  1. Don’t be afraid to adorn your humble abode with some holiday cheer! The less-is-more mindset with a neutral tone works great.  Some touches of evergreen and pine cones with twinkling white lights can add that elegant cheerfulness you are looking for without overwhelming a potential buyer.
  2. Before untangling all your lights, pulling out the tree and decorations, consider your current color scheme of the room. If your holiday décor will clash with your room color scheme, some updating of your holiday décor may be in order.   Inviting and amazing is what we are looking for.  Examples:  If your room is mostly light neutrals, you may want to go with a white tree, white lights, silver, gold and crystal decorations.  If your room is mostly deep earthly colors, then you may want to consider richer tones like evergreen, cranberries and twinkling lights with dark branch wreathes and white lights.
  3. Accessorize amenities such as tasteful, matching ornaments on a fireplace mantel or mistletoe hanging in a beautiful archway. This will highlight the beautiful charms of your home that make it special.
  4. Go easy on the lights on the front of your home. Again, keep it simple.  For example:  lights on the entry area/porch and a couple side bushes to frame it in works.  No inflatables please!  If you want something in the yard, a couple of the holiday light up deer would be a nice classic touch.
  5. When it comes to your tree choice; color, diameter and height are important. You want it to match, accent how high your ceilings are and not take up a lot of floor space at the base.
  6. Make your home a place to escape from the cold and turn up the thermostat a couple degrees. Try some warm treats such as cookies, hot chocolate or apple cider as a kind gesture of the holiday season.  This will have the potential buyer feeling the warm and inviting atmosphere to make them stay a little longer to admire their new home.


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