Never Skip the FINAL Walk-Through!

  A lot of people think the Final Walk-Through is a chance to renegotiate and this could not be further from the case.  Final Walk-Through’s are not the Home Inspection and not a contingency of sale.  The reason and purpose of the Final Walk-Through is to make sure that the Read More

Cleaning Before & During!

It’s so important that when you are getting ready to sell your house, that you purge, service, clean & maintain it!  The thought of this can be very overwhelming and daunting to a seller.  4 Sale Real Estate has some ideas for you.  Not only will this information help you Read More

Home To-Do’s before Winter hits

Gradually condition your home to cooler temps to avoid high heat bills. It’s a little bit of a process for some of us, but not all, to acclimate your body to living comfortably cooler in the fall/winter months by changing your warming pattern or what warm means to you.  You Read More

Helping kids with the move to the new Home

You have found your Dream Home, next you have to move.  Here are some amazing tips 4 Sale Real Estate would love share with you! Anytime you’re moving to a new residence be it another city or state, it can be stressful for not only you, but your kids too.  Read More


Pets are surely a part of our family and we want to make sure our home and their environment are safe and functional for them too!   This is much like baby proofing a home as pets can be very inquisitive by nature and get into things that can harm them.   Read More

Homeowner’s Summer Maintenance Checklist Part 2

Here are four more helpful reminders to keep your home spiffy, efficient and up to date on maintenance that is best done in the summer time.  This is part 2 so if you have not read part 1, please do so, so you don’t miss a thing! Out of sight, Read More

Homeowner’s Summer Maintenance Checklist Part 1

  Living in the Midwest, summertime is the best time to take care of some of that homeowner’s maintenance checklist.  This can be from spiffing up your home, handling annual checkups to projects that need to be completed before the weather changes.  Let’s begin…   Exterior painting, whether it be Read More

HELP! Why is my home not selling? PART 2

  Price your home to sell, not at what you want to get for it! Does that sound confusing?  Let us explain.  When you price your home at the most you can get for it per an appraisal or a CMA from your realtor, people usually come in with a Read More

HELP! Why is my home not selling?

PART 1 4 Sale Real Estate can answer that!  There are many reasons a buyer may not choose your home as their first or next home, however, we want to give you the first four tips. A question for you, first things first, did you choose the Right real estate Read More

The BEST time to list is…

  Right now, of course!  There are many factors in listing a house, however, first things first, you need a real estate agent.  So please check out our MEET OUR AGENTS tab You not only need a real estate agent to get your home on the market to be Read More

Why go to the Parade of Homes?

Why go to the Parade of Homes? To get GREAT decorating ideas!  This is one of the major reasons most go to Parade of Homes and then wind up wanting the home they see, to build one similar and tweak it to their taste or to simply recreate what they Read More

Tips to Spring Clean FASTER!

  DO WHAT IT TAKES!  Make doormats welcoming by cleaning them as they are what helps you keep your house clean from the entry of your home.  Shake them, wash them and even swat them with a broom the old fashion way.  Keep them clean to do some of the Read More