Accent Wall Ideas

Accent Wall Ideas…

Accent walls can add so much character, décor and feeling to a space.  These are usually done in a living room or bedroom to give it that umph’ you’re looking for.  Sometimes, accent end walls are used like bookends to complete a space and give the illusion of a longer or wider space depending on the walls you accent and the color pallet/materials you use.  No matter the reason, it’s all about what the eye sees, what the designer wants to achieve and its purpose or function.  And…. sometimes, it just looks good & is simply décor to bring the space together.  Below are some uniquely awesome accent wall ideas.  You can look for a variety of each on google images or Pinterest & rabbit trail from there.  4 Sale Real Estate knows that it takes all kinds of thoughtful touches to stage and sell a home, so no matter if you are selling or moving in, these ideas may be the touch you are looking for.

  1. Faux or Real; exposed brick wall
  2. Herringbone patchwork wall with trim borders
  3. Greek Key Moulding accent wall (super easy and you pic the color)
  4. Bold paint accent wall
  5. Shiplap or reclaimed wood accent wall
  6. Chalk board accent wall (functional, useful and creative)
  7. Cloth and nail head accent wall (making a statement or as a faux headboard)
  8. Plywood shapes feature accent wall (you pick the shape & stain, clear coat or paint, your choice)
  9. Painted pattern wall such as strips or check pattern
  10. Vintage ceiling tiles in a pattern or all the same (texture and uniqueness rolled into one)
  11. Geometric Moulding accent wall
  12. Cork accent wall (can be useful in function or simply for décor and texture)
  13. Ombre accent wall with or without texture
  14. The obvious (wallpaper), however, please… make it a statement piece via color or texture
  15. Tile of some sort that is unique, yet classic
  16. Slat stone (specially used on fireplace walls, however, can be used as a decorative feature)

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