Fun Facts about the Parade of Homes


Fun Facts about the Parade of Homes

& Why should you go?

When did the Parade of Homes begin?  Great question!  In 1949 Parade of Homes made it possible for people such as yourself to see the latest and greatest in home design, new neighborhoods and home décor.

This gave anyone looking a chance to visit by location, style and price to fit their budget.  It’s also a great chance to make your wish list if you are not quite ready, but want to get an idea of what your Dream Home would consist of, your criteria, per se’ and things you didn’t think of yet.

How much does it cost?  The good news is, it’s FREE!  There are a handful of homes that have a $5.00 fee that are selected by BATC-Housing First Foundation where all the proceeds go into helping the Foundation build & remodel for families in need.  Great cause for sure!

How often is the Parade of Homes?  Well awesome new for you, the home-seeker, and for us, the home builder & real estate world, it’s TWO times a year!  There is a 4 to 5-week Parade of Homes in the Spring and the Fall.  These are the busiest times of the year for buying and selling so, goes to reason, the Parade of Homes would follow that eb-n-flow of the housing market.

Is every home builder in the Parade of Homes?  Not necessarily.  The builders must be a member of BATC Housing First.  This organization keeps the members on top of what they do by sharing the best practices, always learning about new products, techniques and services.  BATC also keeps its builders connected to trade partners.  This ensures homebuyers with quality, healthy homes and a resilient housing market that can evolve with the times.

When is the Parade of Homes?  Spring Parade of Homes Starts in March for a 5-week duration and Fall Parade Starts in September for a 4-week duration.  Homes are open to view Thursday through Sunday from 12-6pm.  Fieldstone Family Homes, in particular, is open 12pm-6pm seven days a week minus holidays and they will even work around your schedule if those hours just do not work for you.  Fantastic News huh?

Bottom line, you do not have to be in the market for a home yet and it’s still a great time to get out and look!  You can get information on the Parade of Homes via the Guidebooks at your local Holiday Station Stores for FREE, everyone’s favorite word, Ha-Ha!  You can also view and plan your tour online.  

Fieldstone Family Homes & 4 Sale Real Estate are here to be an asset to your Dream Home search in any way that we can. 

Thank you for visiting our BLOG and see you at the Parade of Homes.  Have FUN!

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