Helping kids with the move to the new Home

You have found your Dream Home, next you have to move.  Here are some amazing tips 4 Sale Real Estate would love share with you!

Anytime you’re moving to a new residence be it another city or state, it can be stressful for not only you, but your kids too.  Helping them adjust is at the top of the list in order for things to go smoothly for the family.  Changes like this can be an adjustment.  Preparation, communication and some good old-fashioned TLC can have a powerful effect on how quickly the kids accept this new home.

Packing can be overwhelming and put everyone on edge in anticipation of this big step your family is taking.  Everyone will want to give everyone flexibility and grace when things get stressful.  It is imperative to maintain a positive attitude and be excited as the move progresses.  If you appear upset, stressed or worried about the changes taking place, the family as a whole will sense this and take on the same feeling.

It is especially difficult for kids to leave their home, schools, friends and move to someplace new and unknown.  Help them by saving memories beforehand.  You can do this by taking pictures, making videos, journaling and having friends sign a memory book with their phone number, email and addresses to stay in touch.

Some final tips are:  Designate a box with your children’s special items and have it labeled and available for immediate unpacking to include them in the process.  When you get to your new Dream Home, give the kids a chance to look around the house.  Be excited, order in food and make the move fun.  Kids are often intimidated and worried about the new school and you can help them with the transition by checking things out, meeting their teachers, getting all paperwork ahead of time and being prepared for them.  Point out all the great new things your neighborhood has and explore the community with your kids.  Sit down with your kids and ask them about all the neat things they noticed that were positive about the new area/home.  Lastly, make sure to hire and give your criteria to your 4 Sale Real Estate agent from the get go.  Please visit our MEET OUR AGENTS TAB to hire your real estate agent today.

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