How to find a Mortgage lender

It’s more than just getting a good interest rate.  Work with the best professionals who will guide you through the process.  We are dealing with numbers here, however, you are not just a number, you’re making one of the biggest purchases in your lifetime.

Tips to find the best in Mortgage Lenders


  1. Get your credit score in shape.The higher your credit score, the better options you have for the power to choose which is best for you.


  1. Know the mortgage lending process to some degree. You don’t want to go into this not knowing a thing so look up some basics on types, options and benefits you can ask for.


  1. Get preapproved, know where you stand. You want to know what you qualify for so that you can be looking in a realistic range according to your qualifications and your budget.  This will give you the best chances of having your offer accepted by getting preapproved.


  1. Compare rates with more than one mortgage lender. It’s easy enough to search mortgage rates online and find the most competitive lenders and rates before you even meet or call them.  To get your business lenders may dig deeper to find a best option that works for you and gives you the most benefits for your current situation.


  1. Ask the right questions and read the fine print.Find out about requirements, fees, including costs beyond principal and interest payments.  Ask as many questions as you need to.  This is your loan and you have to pay it each month for years to come, so ask away.


If you have more questions, feel free to reach out to 4 Sale Real Estate. We can point you in the right direction or assist you with buying or/and selling a home.


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