Kitchen Trends 2018 & Beyond



Kitchen Trends 2018 & Beyond!


Goodbye Granite?  WHAT!
Studies show granite has been on a 3-year decline among homeowners.

Something to do with the small-scale texture of granite can feel more dated versus the larger scale texture of quartz or marble.  People are investing in their kitchens as the heart of the home so they are willing to choose high-end materials like marble. Quartz is durable and looks similar, so homeowners are able to get that look without the upkeep of marble.


Whiteout & I don’t mean on paper…

Modernists and minimalists have done the all-white kitchen for a while now, however, we are now seeing many choose black and navy now too!  It saves on the difficulty of trying to achieve the correct shade and there’s always the stain factor in there too. The black or navy give dimension and have an almost regal effect.


Color, Color, Color, what to choose then?
Although all white kitchens will always have their place with some, two-tone kitchens with Navy, grey and greens are stepping in by storm.  Of course, once the trend starts the color spectrum will most likely expand and you may have more colorful kitchens like Europe and adjusting from the dark.  Have no fear, if you have a resale in mind, these colors can be splashed in the space for accent via kitchen mixers, toasters, coffee makers, linens and décor!


Matte Everything, hmmmm? 
You may notice out there even now, matte black stainless-steel appliances that can add a layer of sophistication to any kitchen.  Everything with sleek and clean lines.  Now the matte black is not just in appliances but also in:  kitchen islands, hardware, faucets, and refrigerators.  Something fun and new and a change from regular white, black or even stainless, however, stainless steel still has its place.


Luke, I am your father, Embrace the Dark Side…
Okay, I know that was corny, however, speaking of dark, while quartz and marble continue to reign supreme among countertop types, expect to see some experiments in finish style.  Marble & brass are making their come-back.  The modern eclectic combination continues to reinvent boring kitchens and now we are playing with higher contrast combinations.  The trend of moodier & dark kitchens goes beyond countertops.  The matte black and brass hardware with forest green & navy pops is showing us it’s okay to be dark but bold with our color pallet.


The farm and BEYOND…
Okay, farmhouse sinks have been on the rise and a more simplistic approach.  This may change into the “undermount sink” and have a farm style feel but not be the classic farmhouse sink.  It’s not just style but functionality that may make this trend fade quicker due to the splash, stain, and inconvenience of this style sink.  However, with the rise in vibrant shades, the steel undermount won’t work either.  Can’t wait to see what’s next there.


From countertop continued to Backsplash design!
People are getting more creative and leaning toward global & old-world style.

We may see more Spanish-style tiles in the kitchen and throughout the home. These trends are making a strong come back.  This makes for interest in the kitchen and imagining more creative backsplashes.


Easy Access
The golden rule of design is function before form = ease of use before beauty of décor.  Meaning, it can be “pretty” but not be practical, functional and sometimes not even code!   A great way to open counter space is to open cabinetry for spice racks, storage bins and glass cabinets.  Easy access is huge!  A pantry cabinet of full height shelving etc. can be incredibly useful.  It’s all about function and access.  What good is a kitchen in which you can’t get to your cookware or cook in?


Mix and Match
Putting it all together takes insight and skill, however, knowing the trends can make it easier.  The trend of seeing more colors in kitchens is also combined with sharper contrasts to give it that updated, crisp and now-look.  Some examples that have been out for a bit are the different colored island and the contrast between cabinets and appliances.  It’s all about experimentation. Pops of color in your accents are fun too and these can be easily swapped out whenever you feel like it.  For those who love change, this is wonderful to play with.


Back to ole’ natural…

Wood cabinets are making a comeback, but not in a traditional style.  The trend is a more unfinished look.  This would a deconstructed premise of wood beyond cabinets as well, such as reclaimed wood ceilings or open shelving with wood.  Fun!


There is always a little Drama!

The best item to bring in drama and interest is lighting.  Lighting is something you can really play with such as asymmetrical kitchen lighting instead of the classic double or triple pendants above the kitchen island.  Snooze… Redirecting the eye with an asymmetrical pendant you have the opportunity to create mini vignettes or highlight favorite kitchen object.  You live once, enjoy your spaces!


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