Overpriced?  Can’t Sell Your Home?


Overpriced?  Can’t Sell?

  1. Above and beyond comparable values in the neighborhood? There is a difference between CMA (competitive market analysis) sold values and “asking” values. What people want for their homes, “asking” value, is simply that, what they want and are asking for their homes.  What homes have sold for with similar features, style and size compared to your home in the area, is a more realistic gauging tool to assist in pricing your home best.  You can do an average of sold in the area and asking price for like homes in the area.  How big your area circle reach is depends on what will present the best value and selling price for your home.
  2. Who sells it best? Really, the most important part of selling your home is who you pick for a real estate agent.  4 Sale Real Estate agents are here to help you achieve just that.  We make sure you sell your home quickly and for Top Dollar!  Now, that doesn’t mean pricing it high, it means pricing it right.  It’s hard to wrap our brains around this concept as we think if we price it high, then… the potential buyers can counter down from there, right?  Wrong!  It’s actually the other way around, meaning, price it to value, price it to sell, and all of a sudden, it’s a bidding war.  Huh?  Why, you ask?  This is because your house is a GREAT value for the price and just what they have been searching for.  You honestly wind up making more than you expected.  Our agents know this and will get the job done for you.  TEAMWORK!
  3. No Traffic Jams online for your home!? When you have no online traffic, this most likely means you are priced too high.  People just like you and me and put in their criteria having a budget in mind.  Potential buyers have done their homework and know the range they should expect to see in pricing.  If you are priced right for your home style, area and amenities, you will be in the sweet spot of their online search and so it begins.  Online traffic means more likes, shares, showings and eventually an offer with a sale to follow.  This is crucial as 90%+ start their Dream Home search ONLINE!  Your home will be compared to others with their criteria.  Think like a buyer and price it smart with the help of your 4 Sale Real Estate agent!
  4. Hardly any requests for showings? It could be many reasons for why your home is not selling, clutter, needs updating, colors, odors, or curb appeal, etc.  However, if you are not even getting showings, you have to wonder, is it the price?  This can wear on you as a seller, wondering, what’s wrong with our house?  Why are there no showings and/or offers?
  1. Can you go lower now? So, you have been on the market a while now.  Houses around you are selling fast.  If potential buyers have made an offer, it has been in your eyes, too low or a low-ball offer as they say.  Finally, you decide to lower the price, however, now it might make buyers think, what’s wrong with it?  Can we offer them even less?  It’s been on the market so long and it spirals downward from there.  It’s hard for the potential buyers to see past the amount of time on the market, price reductions and they will tend to get more critical of your home even if it’s closer to value now that you have lowered it.


You don’t want to be that seller that in the end, not only will you have ‘suffered’ months and months of marketing, open houses, countless showings, and a ‘For Sale’ sign outside his house during that time, the chances that it will now sell at a price below the property’s actual value are very high!


Moral of this story is…. PRICE IT TO SELL with the help of a

4 Sale Real Estate Agent!

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