Safety Tips on Holiday Décor



Safety Tips on Holiday Décor

No matter what you celebrate, the Holiday Season is upon us!  4 Sale Real Estate and Fieldstone Family Homes wants you to enjoy the Holidays safely!

To ensure a safe, happy and fun Holiday Season all the while enjoying Family and Friends, 4 Sale Real Estate has found some tips that will benefit you in this busy time.

  1. Use unbreakable ornaments and décor if possible and if you are not able to, keep them out of reach for your pets and kids
  2. Prevent any décor light damage by mounting safely with removeable clips or hooks
  3. Make sure when putting lights. Webs or décor above or away from normal reach, you use a safe ladder or step stool on a level or flat surface and fully locked/extended and have someone spot you if possible, family, friend or even a neighbor
  4. Make sure to turn off all electrical décor or put on a timer to avoid fires and place such items away from flammable items or things that can melt easily
  5. Check all electrical décor or light strings for wear and tear
  6. Keep candles on a level, fireproof, well supported base on your dining table, end tables, etc. and never leave burning candles unattended or when going to bed. This includes jack-o-lantern with lit candles, it can be windy out, leaves may blow by and bam, you have a fire!
  7. If you have a fireplace, DO NOT burn wrapping paper in it. Wrapping paper can ignite very quickly and has what you call a flash fire reaction.  It’s best to recycle and reuse if possible
  8. If you choose to have live trees, keep away from heat sources and keep an extinguisher nearby. Needles and sap are highly flammable – Keep your live tree hydrated as well
  9. If you have fake trees or like tree décor in the home whether large or a centerpiece on the table, wreaths etc., make sure it is labeled fire resistant. This precaution could save you from a tragedy during the Holiday Season
  10. Keep walkways clear of cords, strings, décor and the like to avoid tripping and injury


Thanks for visiting our BLOG and enjoy your Holiday Season!

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