Stress-Free Holiday Décor Tips!

Stress-Free Holiday Décor Tips!

Create a Candy Bar – Who doesn’t love candy? So, when you have visitors or gatherings you can have an entry or side table with lidded apothecary jars in various sizes. Fill them with colorful holiday candies and put scoops and small baggies on the table. Guests can take a treat on the road with them leaving a sweet memory on their mind of their visit with you.

Leave some ornaments off the tree? – Yes!  You read correctly.  If you’re having a dinner party, keep the table decorations simple. You can use your favorite holiday ornaments as napkin ring/holders. Slip them onto a cinched napkin at each place setting.  A little sparkle at each seat!  You can make each one unique for a personal feel or the same for a uniform/formal look.

Use ribbon scraps to update holiday candles – Customize plain pillar candles with colorful ribbon trims wrapped around their bases You can tie them on the glass stem or pin them to the candle for a fancy colorful designer look!  Easy.

Wrap gifts early!!! – Use holiday gifts you will be giving this season as décor in your home.  Make them beautiful, and enjoy the view as long as you can until they are opened and wah-la your room is instantly cleaned up after the festivities are over as the gifts go home with the recipients.

Don’t forget the bathroom – Frost spray & finger-write holiday greetings like “Ho! Ho! Ho!” or “I’m so glad you’re here!” or use a dry erase marker on the bathroom mirror. It’s a festive clever way to add a little humor and surprise greeting to your home.

Use up glitter from a previous project – Search your home for clear, decorative canisters. If you don’t have any handy, there’s the nearest thrift store to get them in a pinch.  You can use them to store snacks in the kitchen or cotton balls in the bathroom during the rest of the year, so not just for décor for the holidays. However, that said, decorate, fill & display. Simple and effective.

Have a cake stand or wine glasses do double duty! – Head to your backyard or nearest park to search for pine cones and acorns to fill a basic, domed clear cake stand and then create a display with the tips below:

  • Hold the dome upside down by its handle with one hand.
    •Fill the upside down dome with the pine cones and acorns OR ornaments of all sizes to the brim, whatever your style (natural or flashy).
    •Take the base, turned upside down and cover your dome as if it was a lid.
    •With both hands, quickly turn the whole set right side up so that the cake stand and lid sit as they were intended.



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