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When searching for your Dream Home, you are probably going to consider New Construction.  This will mean visiting new communities and model homes with your 4 Sale Real Estate Realtor.

Seasoned real estate professionals would advise a little planning and a strategy for making the most of your model home visit. Why you ask? You may think you will remember everything you saw at each model home, but it’s not possible.  There are so many details.

For your convenience and experience we have some FREE tips and looking at Model Homes.

DON’T look at too many model homes in one day…2-3 models will be fresh and uncluttered, so that you can reflect and process your thoughts and feelings about each. If you want to view more than that, or you must because you are relocating and your time is limited, then plan a break after every two communities to collect your thoughts as you rest and recharge with a meal or snack.

DO look at the structure…With the rise of master-planned communities and resort-style living in high demand it’s a good idea to go through the perfectly styled model homes, that we all dream of residing in, with your family in mind.  Be prepared before entering and before reaching the first shiny doorknob of the first model home. Notice the professionally placed furniture and accessories.  Try to compare to your belongings and your furniture within the space.  Does your furniture fit with the room size? Does each room fit the way you live? The interiors of model homes certainly bring the wow factor into play, simply make sure the structure of the house best fits your family and function within the home. You may ask for a flyer on the particular model you are in or to see others in the development if any, etc.

DO go in knowing what you are looking for…
Review the floor plan options before walking in if you can from the website or advertisement. While a particular model home may not have that extra bedroom, office or loft that you were hoping for, it may be available for you to build custom.  For example, our sister company Fieldstone Family Homes is fully custom and will even mix, match or start from scratch!  Having the options in mind while walking through the model will help you to subconsciously remember the models and floor plans you liked and what you would change.

You may consider the community before focusing in on the specific model homes. Assess the community’s proximity to highways, stores, restaurants and schools and if this fits your location criteria. Some are development only and some are NOT development bound, such as Fieldstone Family Homes.  That is an important factor to consider.  Also, attempt to visualize how the development will look when it is completed, this helps as well.

DO take notes! 
On walkthroughs of model homes, take notes of your favorite features, as well as what you might change.
This helps with comparisons between models and will help with floor plans that do or don’t fit your needs.
We encourage you to bring a list of must-haves, nice-to-haves and wish-to-haves so you can quickly assess what is right for you.  It’s a good idea to take pictures with your notes to remember what you like and don’t like.
It’s a visual record of your tour.

DO Speak up…As a potential homebuyer, most builders want to know what you are thinking and what you are looking for.  Below we have made a list of questions you might ask:

1. What kind of warranties come with the home and who warranties them: the builder or a third-party company?
2. What is included in the home in terms of architectural options and design center choices? (Quality Inclusions)
3. How does the financing process work? Is there a preferred lender? If so, are there any incentives to use them?
4. What kind of amenities will be in the community?
5. Is there an HOA?  If so, what are the HOA fees? (monthly or annually)
6. How long does it take to build?
7. What is the design studio or selections process?
8. Can prospective homebuyers come to see the home while it’s under construction? (or have an application to see progress online?)

These visits are meant to help you find a home that will fit your lifestyle and preferences. With these helpful tips, you’ll be able to get the home you have been Dreaming of and make it a reality!

4 Sale Real Estate will provide you with an amazing real estate agent to represent you in this journey.  Also, if you have a home to sell, our agents can do that too!  One-stop-shop!  Call 952-985-7253!

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