Top Things to Buy When You Purchase a Home


A lot of people don’t think of all the items they will need to buy for a new house that they did not need in an apartment.  This comes as a shock to many first-time home buyers. Once you’ve scraped together your last two pennies to pay closing costs, 4 Sale Real Estate wants to share how you can save on these items you may need for your new home!

  • Keys & Locks Really important for security reasons, the first thing you should do is re-key or change your locks.  The previous owners most likely shared a key or code with a neighbor, kids and friends. Even new home builders give out keys to contractors. Change locks and install deadbolts. The most inexpensive solution is to remove the locks from your doors and take them to your local hardware store to re-key. Or, you can call a locksmith to change the locks for you, which is cheaper than you may think. Make a spare & a place for it just in case you get locked out.
  • Lawnmower You may go to your local home and hardware store, however, if you need to save even more for now, you can also search on online or in your local newspaper for used lawnmowers.  With this option weigh the maintenance and repair costs against a new one with a warranty and see what works for you.
  • Garden Supplies Every home needs a garden hose with adjustable sprayer heads or lawn sprinklers for it. Don’t forget about weed-whackers for near the fence or around the house. Then there is trowels, shovels, rakes or hoes. A nice push broom is great for sweeping your garage floor.  Consider a wheelbarrow or wagon for projects and transporting product around the yard.

Tools & Repair Items

  1. Hammers: Ball and Claw
  2. Assorted Screw drivers: Flathead and Phillips
  3. Hacksaw
  4. Pliers
  5. Plumber’s Wrench
  6. Basin Wrench
  7. Small Power Drill and Drill Bits
  8. Nail Driver
  9. Staple Gun
  10. Tape Measure

Updating stuff to buy for a new house:

  1. Paint Brushes: one-inch to four-inches
  2. Paint Scraper
  3. Paint Roller/pole and replacement sleeves
  4. Drop Cloths or plastic sheeting
  5. Electrical Tester
  6. Wire Nuts
  7. Assorted Screws and Nails
  8. Assortment of Sandpaper
  • Outdoor Entertaining Let’s not forget your new yard!  How about some lawn chairs, patio furniture and umbrella, and a barbecue grill?  A nice starter grill is a Weber charcoal grill, and it’s very inexpensive.
  • Snow Removal Equipment Shovels, Salt, or snowblower.  Again online or newspaper for a used one might e best for your budget and you can upgrade later.
  • Window Coverings curtains, shades or blinds

Appliances The seller may take some of the appliances. Not all appliances are fixtures, either.
At the very least, you will need a Cooktop / Range, Refrigerator & a Washer and Dryer as the laundry mat can add up and wind up being more expensive long term.  To save at first you can buy used or go to the scratch and dent clearance section of the appliance store.

Linens, Towels and Floor Coverings This may be the time to update these with newly painted rooms and spaces which can make your previous items look dingy or out of place.  Start in your price range and get your towels, sheets, rugs and blankets.  You can update and upgrade later.

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