Why go to the Parade of Homes

Why go to the Parade of Homes & valuable info!


Let’s start with, WHY go?  Below are some great ideas to go & you may have reasons of your own… none the less, you should go!

To get great decorating ideas
To see the latest & the greatest in home building, efficiency and design
Because you are in an existing home and want to build your custom Dream Home
To check out the model homes and simply buy it if you Love it!
To compare builders, pricing and quality
To find a home or builder for a client, friend or family member
To Network with other Professionals in the related fields
To get remodeling project ideas

Most of all, to have FUN!


What’s the cost?  The Parade of Homes is a scattered site tour of new homes. Twice a year in the Twin Cities, builder members of the BATC-Housing First Minnesota open hundreds of models, spec and pre-sold homes for people to tour. Details are included in a printed guidebook and online at ParadeofHomes.org.

What’s the catch, is there a cost?  Touring is always free, except for one to four homes that are selected by the BATC-Housing First Foundation as their Dream Homes, with a $5 entry donation required. All proceeds help the Foundation build and remodel homes for area families in need.  Great cause, right!

So popular, what gives?  This has been going on a while.  Since 1949, anyone looking to make a move or simply interested in seeing the latest home designs, neighborhoods, or colors and accessories for their own homes have found the Parade of Homes is a great resource. With so many homes to view across the state, visitors can choose to visit them by location, price range and style. This saves you time and allows you to see exactly what you want, where you might be thinking and in your budget.  Parade of Homes is a great place to get information and a great start to your Dream Home search.  You can find more information on ParadeofHomes.org to dig into.

Who builds these things anyway?  Every Parade Home is constructed by a builder member of BATC-Housing First Minnesota, a trade organization providing marketing, advocacy and industry connections to member businesses. Members have access to resources and education that helps them stay on top of their game. They share best practices, learn about new products, services and techniques, and connect with trade partners, helping to assure homebuyers in the Twin Cities of a healthy, vibrant housing market.  This also ensures you, the buyer, that they are being held to a higher standard for quality and efficiency.

Where can I find out more about the Builders?  All of the builders with homes on the tour are easily searched online at ParadeofHomes.org in the Builder search. Filters help select the right builder, while links between their Parade Home(s) and their company website make sure you have all the research material you need.  Here’s a great builder to start with:  https://www.paradeofhomes.org/house-tours-mn/new-homes-mn/#q=Fieldstone+Family+Homes

When can I tour the Parade of Homes?  The Parade of Homes generally opens in March for a five-week tour and in September for four weeks. Homes are always open Thursdays through Sundays from noon to 6:00 pm.

What if I’m not ready for a New Construction Home?  Many of the people who tour Parade Homes aren’t ready to make a change yet, but that’s OK.   This is a great shopping opportunity for those who are planning a move; the Parade of Homes is designed to help showcase the benefits and value of new homes.   Most of us will become homeowners at some point, and people should have the information they need to make the best choices for their needs.  If you simply want to get ideas, that’s okay too, We welcome you!

Where do I get the 411 on this Parade of Homes event?

Free, printed guidebooks are available beginning about two weeks prior to each tour in racks at regional Holiday Station stores.

And of course, ParadeofHomes.org is your online resource with everything in the guidebook plus many more filters and resources to make touring fun and easy; and to bring you valuable information year round.  In fact, you can plan your whole tour right online!


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